Il risveglio della primavera ha un nome: Levante | Lasciati Ispirare | Crida Milano

The memory of the Ligurian Riviera, the closest sea, the possible dream of a holiday. Spring is approaching and with it an awakening made of rebirth and hope.

We celebrate it with Levante, the SS 22 collection that restarts from Liguria to tell the story of Italian elegance made of natural fabrics, on a journey that starts from Portofino to the Cinque Terre,
on the notes of the music of Fabrizio De André, Luigi Tenco, Bruno Lauzi and Gino Paoli. A path that continues in the rest of Italy in search of stories to tell in our clothes, to love and keep with care.


Aviano Silk satin midi dress | Be Inspired | Crida Milano

Aviano Silk satin midi dress

The daily uniform of a strong and spirited woman, with a silky soul.

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Sanremo Long dress in silk georgette | Be Inspired | Crida Milan

Sanremo Long dress in silk georgette

The magic of the city of the Festival enclosed in a stage dress.

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Savona Cotton midi dress | Be Inspired | Crida Milano

Savona Cotton midi dress

Simple elegance, for the day and for the evening.

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Parma Satin long dress | Be Inspired | Crida Milano

Parma Satin long dress

Strict grace with a touch of sensuality.

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Caserta Cotton and silk long dress | Be Inspired | Crida Milano

Caserta Cotton and silk long dress

A classic for ceremonies, with an original plissé effect.

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Firenze Silk jacquard midi dress | Be Inspired | Crida Milano

Firenze Midi dress in jaquard silk

Crida’s iconic dress, in a new polka dot pattern.

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Editoriale Febbraio 2022 | Crida Milano

Are you ready for the news? From the Sanremo Festival to Valentine’s Day to the Crida popup in Rinascente which starts on February 15th, without forgetting the Fashion Week in the last week, this month promises to be decidedly more interesting and lively than the one that preceded it (which for me gives always is the saddest and most tiring month of the year). So let go of the boredom and apathy of after Christmas and New Year, go ahead with good intentions because there are many things to do, to see and to buy to enter a spring that we all hope will be the final exit from the tunnel. And I don’t say anything else, out of luck.

What’s going to be in fashion next summer? Certainly the dancing and light dresses and in the new Crida collection, which will arrive in all stores in February, there are many, not only in the silk that makes each of our garments refined and seductive, but also in other materials, always natural.

We have chosen cottons with small floral patterns to give our Ibiza model an even more gypsy allure, we have created romantic plumetis dresses in dusty blue, yellow and green colors, transformed our beloved polka dots into micro-dots, graphic and modern , and played with the cotton woven canvas that we have always liked, to create new clothes suitable for the city and for the holiday, in the colors of summer.

Levante is the name of this collection born thinking about the beauty of Liguria, the houses perched on the gulfs, the color of the sea, the music of De Andrè and Gino Paoli, at the Sanremo Festival that speaks not only of songs, but of stylish fashion and of trends. We explored this beautiful region, loved every scent and every suggestion it gave us, eating Recco focaccia and looking out over a windy sea. Daniela and I even climbed the mountains behind Chiavari and in Lorsica, in the fascinating hinterland of this long and narrow region, we found what we were looking for: hand-woven damask on ancient looms. A historical tradition that dates back to 500 years ago when the De Martini family started this business cultivated by our maritime republics. Damask, initially produced in China and then in the Syrian capital that gave it its name, was the richest and most precious fabric used for sacred vestments but also for the furnishings and important dresses of the ladies. Over the centuries and with the duties imposed by Genoa, the handcrafted damask disappeared and began to be produced industrially. Only in Lorsica in Stefania De Martini’s house are the looms built by hand during the war: they are engineering machines of incredible precision, with 15,000 threads to be threaded by hand, and a hellish noise when they are put into operation. And there, after looking at the beauty of manual work, we chose the design of the Napoleonic bee, a symbol of industrious work and sweetness, and we wanted to create a dress with that unique and special fabric, to pay homage to this wonderful textile tradition. .

Those who follow us know that we at Crida love Italian fashion, made not only of research and innovation but also of the precious work of the artisans who represent the highest value of Made in Italy, what cannot be forgotten and that we try to tell with our clothes. We are therefore ready to start a season full of stimuli and opportunities. Let’s cheer for this industrious and hard-working Italy which is represented at the top by two top-level institutional figures (and we will never stop thanking President Mattarella for agreeing to lead us for another seven years). It’s time to raise your head, to show self-denial, courage and confidence. To truly believe that the worst is over and to enter the new season with a pinch of optimism<.>