Editoriale Settembre 2021 | Crida Milano

When we returned to work, my partner and I – Dani whom you all know by now – went away to a wonderful place: the Il Pellicano hotel in Porto Ercole. Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about, it is certainly one of the most fascinating resorts we have in Italy. I had already been there once many years ago and I liked it very much, because although it was decidedly luxurious, it reminded me of an old family home (it was founded in 1965), almost hidden as it is among the hills, surrounded by greenery, with no claim to appear, just to be incredibly welcoming and comfortable. Well, after so many years I found it exactly the same, although certainly some changes, technological and sustainable improvements have been made, but its structure proudly showed its age and all its Italian charm. And this in my opinion is its added value.

Why am I telling you this? Because I firmly believe that Italy has a heritage of beauty, landscape, art, gastronomy, not to mention fashion and design, unique in the world and that in many cases this beauty should be preserved rather than subjected to the fashions and trends of the moment. Speaking with the charming director, who is the daughter of the founder, Marie Louise Sciò, we discovered her commitment and her skill in keeping intact, even if renewed, the elegance of a place that proudly shows its age. And which, not surprisingly, is loved by foreigners who find at the Pellicano the essence of that Italian spirit that is difficult to replicate elsewhere, because it can hardly be explained: it is our most precious heritage.

I like to think that even in fashion, as I have often had the opportunity to tell, there is a world of brands that set trends and that every season offer products that will end up in the newspapers and in the windows as the must-haves of the moment., often pushing the accelerator of the most daring and perhaps difficult to wear novelties, and there are other brands, such as Crida, who believe that fashion should not be consumed so quickly, but preserved, worn over the years and appreciated for its quality and for that style that never sets. That’s why Daniela and I returned from that meeting comforted by this idea: the beauty of Made in Italy should not be flaunted, but discovered and loved and used for a long time.

This is for us the mood of the new Crida autumn-winter collection that we are happy to present to you and that you will find in stores and on our e-commerce. In addition to the silk dresses that are absolutely timeless, to be used in all seasons, there are other warmer, but equally comfortable and contemporary pieces. If you browse our site you will discover some models such as the Aviano and the Turin (yes, they always have the names of our beloved Italian cities!) Made with wool fabrics, always 100% natural, light yet warm, to be used as always from morning to evening.

We like the idea of dressing women in every moment of their day: the Aviano, as evidenced by the name of the place that hosts the American military base in Italy, has a military style and is the perfect soldier’s uniform (we are all a bit so right?) for those who are used to never stopping by morning in the evening but always wants to be in place and elegant, the Torino instead is a more rigorous robe manteau, but equally feminine and very easy. Do not miss the Firenze, our lucky silk dress, made in a delicate pebble print, graphic and special in the combination of colors. The Ischia skirt, one of our summer bestsellers in canvas, in this collection is in double crêpe, with the addition of a buckle that gives character, and accompanied by a jacket, Trieste, with perfect proportions to be worn as a suit on the skirt but also with jeans. The colors are the classic ones of autumn: camel, cream, military green, burgundy and blue of course, but also with some surprises such as mustard yellow and peacock, because never like this year we all want to experience winter in color.

For important evenings we have created the Levanto, a long silk dress with wide and totally open long sleeves to show a part of the arms with sensuality and to shine even more there is the Ravenna in precious fil coupé fabric, which recalls the splendor of the mosaics of Galla Placidia. There is no shortage of cashmere tricot dresses, in which we indulged ourselves in coloring the winter with bright pink, bright green and blue.

With the hope that it will be a brighter season for everyone, more aware of what we have been through and therefore full of courage and desire to start again. Reminding us that Italian beauty never dies.