Editoriale Novembre 2020 | Crida Milano

Here we go again. I would like to write about an Italy that after having suffered so much in spring, after having made enormous sacrifices, starts again to conquer the markets thanks to its uniqueness in terms of fashion creativity style and instead, after a September full of hope and an October full of fear , our country now finds itself fighting the same terrible enemy, covid 19, without adequate weapons, as if the pandemic at the beginning of the year had not taught us anything, as if this second wave had not been widely foreseen.
I would like to talk about fashion, about Crida, of the evolution of our brand, so young and therefore more fragile in the face of the storm, but I cannot help but think of the consequences that the new DPCM it will have on the entire supply chain of the sector with the closures of clothing stores (as well as bars, restaurants, gyms and beauty centers etc…).

I have been an entrepreneur for too little time to allow myself to make predictions or give advice, but I have always been a journalist and the questions I ask myself right now are not answered. Wouldn’t prevention have been better than cure? Why haven’t we at least learned to track infections (which from the very beginning appeared essential to circumscribe the virus)? Why wasn’t there a supply of flu vaccines knowing how valuable they would be in the fall? What about rapid tests? not received … Wouldn’t it have been better to intervene immediately in the most affected centers with severe measures and leave other areas of Italy free to move forward?
There has been no talk of anything else on TV and in newspapers for weeks now, but why do the numbers that are given relating to infections, sick people and patients in intensive care change according to the network, program and newspaper? It cannot be said that what is happening has been clearly explained nor that there has been a plan, a preventive strategy to deal with it in the best possible way.
The only certainty at the moment is this: it will be a difficult November the one just started e we have to face it with responsibility and the prudence that current conditions impose on us but let’s hold on to a shred of optimism, to be able to hope that December and Christmas will give us again the joy of a family hug, a dinner out, an open theater or a shop where to buy something that makes us feel special.

We believe in it, so much so that in the Crida fall winter collection, in addition to silk and cashmere dresses, we have prepared a special edition of our Firenzeevening model with a precious, very light fabric that shines with light and that will be in stores for the parties.
Fashion, remember it well, is not frivolity, glamor and vanity, but represents one of the most important slices of the gross domestic product of our country.
It is a reality and a fundamental wealth of Italy with a precious supply chain of small, medium and large companies that employ thousands of people.
Just think that all the most important luxury brands, including foreign ones, come to Italy to make their garments using the skill of our tailors and craftsmen who represent the world excellence in this sector. Maybe it’s professionalism that remains hidden, of which you hear less, but the perfection and value of a dress also depend on the type of embroidery that is done by hand, from the perfect hemline or from the special button that the companies of Grumello (famous for this sector) manage to create from the material obtained from fishermen’s nets.
This is the magic and enchantment of fashion that we like, the ingenious and sustainable one, which does not damage the environment and makes Italy great in the world.

The hope is that each of these companies can hold on and continue to produce. Let clothing stores withstand this second shock and receive just compensation. And that Italian fashion, of which we represent only a small but proud sparkle, begins to shine again.
Word of CRIDA.